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natural nails with gel
Head Educator Sandrine Roelants

Head Educator Sandrine Roelants

13 février 2023 in Salon Services

8 minuten reading time

BFLEX fait gagner du temps et augmente votre chiffre d'affaires

La solution naturelle la plus rapide et la plus rentable

Bflex vous aide à réussir dans le métier de prothésiste ongulaire

Vous utilisez déjà les gels BFLEX ? Dans ce cas, vous savez qu’ils vous font gagner du temps que vous pouvez donc occuper comme bon vous semble. 15 minutes par prestation pour une moyenne de 5 heures par semaine, ce n’est pas rien !

Vous donnez à vos clients le look gel naturel dont ils ont toujours rêvé. Et tout cela avec un gel facile et rapide à appliquer, mais aussi rentable, qui évite de se battre jour après jour. UNE SOLUTION GAGNANT-GAGNANT !
Le gel BFLEX vegan et sans acide est très prisé des prothésistes ongulaires. #bflex

1. CHROME NAILS: Glazed Donut Nail Trend

No chance you haven’t heard of Hailey’s Bieber Glazed Donut Nail trend yet. You can easily create this great look with the newest ProNails Nail Make Up Chrome Palette.

A make-up palette to make your nails look even more dazzling? That’s what you want! With these four must-have pressed chrome glitter powders in white, rose, gold and bronze, you achieve the most beautiful chrome effect: a mirrored pearlescent shine.

Pearl-white nails! Combine the white chrome powder with BFLEX Milky or BSTRONG Honest. Hello Hailey Bieber Nails!

#glazeddonutnails #chromenails #haileybiebernails


2. NAIL ART JEWELS: Diamonds & Pearls

Can it be a bit more Bling Bling? This jewel box is worth its weight in gold on your nail table! And quite literally: you can feel free to charge a little extra for each nail decorated with these miniature gems.

The diamonds & pearls provide a beautiful shiny accent in silver or rose: a sparkling stone or metal pearl, in various sizes. Simple and chic nail art with luxurious effect.

You can find them in different sizes:
Diamonds sizes, 96 pcs: 2mm – 3mm – 4mm – 5mm
Pearls sizes, 2,3g: 0.6mm – 0.8mmN°6

Diamond sizes, 96 pcs: 2mm – 3mm – 4mm – 5mm
Pearls sizes, 2,3g: 0.6mm – 0.8mm N°6

Floral meets tropical! Flowers on your nails are always a good idea!

3. SUMMER NAIL STICKERS: Dancing Daisies

White & yellow, white & yellow. These Dancing Daisy flowers will brighten up any summer look.

How do you apply it?
Apply these nail art stickers easily and quickly to a finished nail. Protect the sticker with your favourite ProNails Gloss.

Pair with tropical summer colours like It Takes 2 to Mango & Explore More for an extra fresh look!

#daisynailart #daisynails #nailstickers

Fun, original and popping!

4. COMIC NAILS: Cartoon Nail Trend

You must have seen these Comic Nails everywhere. These 3D looking cartoonish nails are here to stay for a while.

Use the fine Laser Led Gels, in white and black to create depth in these most stunning looks.

What do you need for this look?

  • A colour of your choice, if you want to add a special shadow effect: a darker shade of the same colour, and fine Black & White Laser Gels!
  • These fine nail art liners are the best tools to make this look much more easier to create!

Or do you just want to add summery neon swirls or other designs to finish your look? Use the fine Neon Laser Led Gels!

#comicnails #popartnails #manganails #cartoonnails

Add a little confetti to each day! And to your nails.

5. SMOOTHIE GEL NAILS: Confetti on your nails

NEW: 3 soakable Smoothie Gels with fun confetti mix

These summer colour gels are packed with colourful sprinkles, like tiny seeds in your smoothie! Which one will you choose? Very Berry, Papaya Punch or Funfetti? The recipe for a juicy summer look? Mix and match! Combine the Smoothie Gels with the matching new trend colours.

Brain freeze when you have to choose? No worries! All three come in one fun Smoothie Gel Kit.

  • Very Berry (pink with dark pink speckles)
  • Papaya Punch (apricot with fluorescent yellow and pink speckles)
  • Funfetti (natural with pink & blue speckles)

#smoothienails #smoothienailart #confettinails

How do you apply it?
Apply two layers of the Smoothie Gel colour and cure each layer. Smoothie Gels have a soft adhesive layer after curing that you do not need to remove. You can immediately apply your favourite ProNails Gloss on top. We recommend Sapphire Gloss for gel and Sopolish Shine for semi-permanent gel polish.

Only use a sticky gloss as a finish (i.e. not Crystal Seal).
They match really well with gels (build or colour) and semi-permanent gel polish
(Sopolish Base or colour).

TREND ALERT! Mix your nails with your lips!

6. LIPGLOSS NAILS: Shiny natural looking nails

This season make up is inspiring the next manicure trend: lipgloss nails! Just like the Glazed Donut trend, this trendy look is very glossy & glamourous, though natural. No chrome powder is used for this trend, just a BFLEX or BSTRONG shade. When curing under the the Smart Light LED Lamp you become this impeccable shine and jelly finish, which reminds you of very shiny, non-sticky lipgloss lips. You don’t need to add an extra gloss, as this is already included in the all-in-one gel in a bottle.

BSTRONG Gels are used for long natural nails with extensions, BFLEX Gels are used for a short look.

Choose any colour of the BSTRONG (choose from 5 natural shades) or BFLEX range (choose from 15 natural shades) to create this look! Or just combine the BSTRONG Clear with any other BFLEX colour, so you have a bigger choice!

#lipglossnails #glossynails #jellynails



Head Educator Sandrine Roelants

About the author

Head Educator Sandrine Roelants

Sandrine has been working at ProNails for 10 years. Before, she was a distributor for our brand, later she joined the product development team and became head of training, which she does with a lot of passion.


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