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Pronails BSTRONG inspiration
Head Educator Sandrine Roelants

Head Educator Sandrine Roelants

13 février 2023 in Salon Services

5 min reading time

Commencez avec les gels ProNails

Stunning BSTRONG Nail Art Looks

The new BSTRONG all-in-1 gels don’t only allow you to work twice as fast, and to double your income.

You can also create the most stunning nail looks with BSTRONG!

Why should you start with BSTRONG gels for long natural nail extensions?





In this gorgeous BSTRONG nail art look you can spot more than 1 novelty of the SS23 collection: for this nail look, besides the new BSTRONG shade Decisive also the new chrome palette and Diamonds & Pearls deco kit has been used!

Products Get the Look BSTRONG BLING BLING:

Gellak 339 Spritz-It 10 ml

Gellak 339 Spritz-It 10 ml

Gellak 339 Spritz-It 10 ml

Gellak 339 Spritz-It 10 ml

Gellak 339 Spritz-It 10 ml

Gellak 339 Spritz-It 10 ml

BSTRONG as Camouflage Gels

4 camouflage shades, which will become a vital part of your collection: confident, decisive, brave and honest.

Did you know that you can also use the beautiful nude shades of the BSTRONG gel system as camouflage gels? So you can transform even the smallest nail bed into a long nail with natural elegance.


A less opaque, light salmon nude, ideal for a neutral warm natural look, or under a full colour application


The most opaque of the nudes, with a hint of pink, ideal for creating an extended nail bed look


A cheerful baby pink for the Babyboom or French


the perfect colour mix between Flexi Builder FROSTED PINK and Hard Builder MILKY PINK, ideal as a natural look or under a full-colour application of light colours

Head Educator Sandrine Roelants

About the author

Head Educator Sandrine Roelants

Sandrine has been working at ProNails for 10 years. Before, she was a distributor for our brand, later she joined the product development team and became head of training, which she does with a lot of passion.


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